Body Toning Turks and CaicosAbout Meelike

Sport and healthy lifestyle has followed Meelike all her life.  She enjoys a healthy lifestyle and likes to see others being the same. Meelike loves guiding people, whose aim is to achieve better physical fitness, health and self-satisfaction through training and nutrition.

She has graduated from Tallinn University of Health Sciences and the Institute of Sports in Estonia and has completed a course in Personal Fitness Training. Besides personal training she is certified in BodyPumpBodybalanceReebok Core Board & FitballFunctional TrainingChiball, Pilates, Yoga, Real Ryder and Spinning workouts. 

Meelike has been a Personal Trainer since 2007. She enjoys a good challenge and personal training is definitely one of them.

At one of the gyms

1 hour session
Individual – $60
Pairs -$80
30 minutes session
Individual – $30

At your villa / hotel

Personal training, yoga, pilates, strength training, bootcamp, etc.
1 hour session – $100

Group Fitness

At the Salt Mills Location

$15 per class. Package of ten $120.00

Contact Meelike

Phone: (649) 441-6051

Meelike’s Principles

We’re all different. What’s easy for one person may present a challenge for another. Working out doesn’t have to be easy or hard – it just has to be effective for you personally!

Everyone’s physiology is different. As a personal trainer, Meelike establishes the exercises, work(out)load & nutrition plan that is right for you. She also shows you how to do exercises correctly, and then keep you motivated.

  • First, I’ll test the strength of your muscles; if necessary, I’ll also test your heart’s endurance, assess your body composition and posture, and according to the profile created, we’ll put together a plan that will enable me to help you in the best way.
  • You’ll never be “comfortable” working with me – I’ll work you hard so that your exercise technique is correct, you’re able to go your hardest, you breathe correctly and you don’t give up easily.
  • I love functional exercises that incorporate the whole body because they’re the quickest way to start feeling good.
  • They’re done either with free weights or utilizing your own body weight. Good posture is the basis of everything – with me you’ll learn to stand and walk with superb posture.