CEO & Founder at Wrightfully Fit Experienced Fitness Instructors. Public Speaker. Mentor.

John’s experience in the health, fitness and wellness fields spans well over 20 years as a former professional football player, health and fitness expert, gym owner and personal trainer. Certified by the International Sports Science Association, John has worked and trained individuals from various backgrounds and professions, from tennis and baseball players to NFL players and celebrities to 3 time heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Michael Moorer. John’s diversified credentials put him on the cutting edge of wellness and fitness and enable him to share this knowledge and experience and educate others on their Fitness Path. John has always had an interest in personal training, fitness, exercise and being active and now extends his passion to others by providing multiple superior facilities where him and his team of experience fitness instructors can assist as many people as possible in achieving lifestyle transformation to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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